Sun Signs:

Virgo personality

Virgo people have an obsession towards cleanliness and they seem to be flawless. They get too stressed on this account. But then they are good in lending a helping hand as well.

Their critical and judgemental nature might come across relationships and mar goodness.Some Virgos are too preachy and picky.

They know how to give but lack the art of asking and hence land up in troubled relationships. They need to have a bigger perspective of life rather than making mountains out of mole-hills.

Virgo Babies

Virgo- Virgo babies stick to daily routines and are not grumpy. They like to eat and sleep almost at the same time every day.

They seek details in everything around and are found to be highly organized with their toys.

Virgo Boss

Is your boss a Virgo? Then they would be perfectionists to the core, look for finer details and have a critical view of almost anything.

But then they are good in helping their sub-ordinates.

Virgo Family

Virgos are very dedicated to their family. They like to take care of their family when in need. But they are not good in showing their love or affection.

Deeds rather than words work for them. They are not much good with their siblings as they hurt each other easily.

Virgo Father

The Virgo dad is more bent on giving good education and teaching new skills to his kids. He keeps an eye on their mischief though.

Sometimes he would be more into his works and does not concentrate on his children. He also has issues related to showing his affection to his wards.

Virgo Fathers-in-law

Handling a Virgo father-in-law would be a bit tough. This is because he wants your full resume and your medical file before giving his children over to you. They always want the perfect partner for their children.

Mae sure that you look creative and constructive in front of him as they hate dumb asses. They hate their -in-laws idling over with time and resources. They are also not fond of showy stuff and are modest in their approach.

Virgo Mother

The Virgo mother is organized and promotes healthy habits. She is the type to buy educational toys for her kids and will keep them eating healthy.

She may even limit on how much Halloween Candy they can eat! She is good with guidance and she is interested in child development.

The Virgo mom can be catty towards other mothers, gossiping on how they raise their kids and she can be a bit anal with her rules and she is the type to always say mother knows best.

Virgo Mother-in-law

Virgo mothers-in-law are very analytical and critical of their in-laws in particular. They are termed as hypochondriacs. They are known to shout and make public the short comings of those in the family.

However they have great care of the household and makes sure that everything is clean, neat and organized.

They also make sure that their children and grandchildren are secured financially. Making frequent positive remarks and being adaptive of their nature would do good for better relationship with them.

Virgo Mom and Dad

The Virgo Mom is the one always matching the kids outfit with their dad or with each other, she nags and is always nit-picky.

The Virgo Mom is always watching out for her children's health and learning, she provides guidance and support. She is the one always putting in her two cents about something going on in her kids lives.

The Virgo Dad can lack reassurance and affection and is the one who can't make it to their kids play because of work.

The Virgo Dad will make sure his kids have everything they need once they are out on their own, he will leave behind money, a position, or maybe property.

Virgo Parents

A Virgo parent is usually very caring and sharing to his or her children.

They make sure that their children lead a healthy and safe life. But their nit-picking and too much of critical thinking does not go well with their kids.

Virgo Grandparents

Virgo grandparents are very caring and helpful to their grandchildren. However they are constant worriers as well regarding them and sometimes are found to be very critical of their actions and deeds in life.

Their judgmental nature might sometimes mar the relationship with their grandchildren. But then they have a remedy for every problem their grandchildren come across. They like to meddle and annoy their grandchildren, but smooth out family issues amicably.

Virgo Sibiling

A Virgo sibling might be good or bad depending on the circumstances around. They gel with you much when they are good and bad-mouth when not in good mood. They are not one to fight with you over silly things. But then they are first to criticize and analyze your every move.

As they grow older, they are more concerned about their siblings and their general well-being. They care for you when you are in need of trouble. They make sure that you are in good health and cheer.

Virgo Roommates

A Virgo roommate makes sure that the household is very clean and things are quite organized. They are good in resolving conflicts as well.

However they are over critical of others which might mar peace. Also they are nagging and obsessively clean-freaks which might not get well with the others around.

Virgo Teacher

Virgos are good teachers who still follow age-old teaching methods. They are adept in handling grammar and language papers. They require their wards to take notes, give lectures, attend workshops and the like.

Virgo teachers are usually very patient and tolerant of their wards. But then they become too nervous at times when the students misbehave.

Virgo Dog

Virgo dogs are very clean, learn things fast and are quite independent. However they get sick easily as they catch infections soon. They love to play and hate when things are not in their places. Hate to share or forego their food.

Virgo Cat

Virgo cats are very clean, independent and do not need attention. However they would like periodic cuddles and treats. They are great hunters and very clever too.

Virgo Teen

Virgos are more analytical, critical and quite judgmental in their teens. They lack tolerance and understanding of things around them. Virgo teens however have good discerning nature. They have a distance when it comes to forging love and romantic relationships.

They have loads of inner energy, however they are more than satisfied with routine works and stability in life. Controlling their vent up feelings and energy levels would be a great task for Virgo teens.

Virgo Aunts and Uncles

Virgo as an aunt or uncle maintains a cool distance from their nieces and nephews.

They shy away from any sort of responsibility and are selfish about their family. However they get gifts for you and get a good name from you.