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The sixth Virgo

The sixth zodiac sign in the zodiac circle and represents the transition of the Sun through the skies between August 23 and September 22 every year, according to tropical astrology.

Virgo is represented by a maid or servant. This is a sign that represents pursuit, innocence, elegance and dignity as well. It pertains to matters of food, health and personal care. Thus, these individuals are very careful with their appearance and personal growth.

They are generally known to be perfectionists in whatever they do and are found to be quite picky as well. They have an obsession towards cleanliness and hygiene. They generally have less babies when compared to the other zodiacs and perhaps are the most educated of them all.

Ruling Planet - Mercury

Virgos share their ruling planet Mercury with another zodiac sign, Gemini. However with Gemini, Mercury takes care of communication. But in the case of Virgos, Mercury is more concerned with logic, reasoning and productivity. Mercury guides the Virgos to discern and discriminate, making them better critics around. Mercury makes the Virgos to be more analytical with their thought process. Mercury guides the Virgos to sieve things and to bring order among a chaotic situation around.

Ruling Planet       :MercuryMercury
Ruling House       :6'th House
Element       : Earth Earth

Birth Stone       : Sapphire
About Sapphire       Sapphire
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The Season (August 23 – September 22)

The Virgo season is a great time to start things afresh. It is best for personal spring cleaning. And Mercury, the ruler of Virgo helps us to do this organisation quite neatly. The season is a great time for all the zodiacs to clear the clutter out of their personal and professional spaces. De-cluttering would improve our self-esteem. During this season, the world as a whole generally gets very quiet and introspective.


Who criticizes all she sees? And would even analyse a sneeze.

Who hugs and loves her own disease?      It is the Virgo!!!

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The constellation of Virgo lies between the Leo constellation in the west and the Libra constellation in the east. It was first described by the Greek Astronomer, Aratus. The Virgo constellation is said to be Astraea, which is the Greek Goddess of justice.

Spica is the brightest star of this constellation. It gets its name from the Latin meaning of " ear of grain". The other stars in Virgo constellation are Zavijaava or Beta Virginis, Auva or delata Virginis and Vinemiatrix. This is one of the oldest constellation to be discovered.

Meteor showers

The Leonids are a meteor showers that happens during the month of November in the Leo constellation. It peaks on November 14th and spits about 10 meteors per hour. Another meteor shower of this constellation is called as January Leonids that occurs between the 1st and 7th of January every year.

The Maiden

The symbol of Virgo is the Maiden. This represents innocence and purity in all essence. The maiden also represents a woman who has the resources of the earth, like the fruits of a harvest. In some cultures, Virgo is represented as a woman holding a bundle of wheat sheaths. This depicts the Virgo natives as intellectuals who are good in discerning the right from the wrong, much like separating the chaff from the wheat.

The Virgo maiden refers to a person with much wealth and riches that are held together by a very intellectual individual.


The glyph is similar to the letter “m” written in cursive or calligraphic style. It has three vertical lines that are believed to represent the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious state of our lives. These lines are joined by curves indicating that Virgos are emotional too. The final vertical line ends in a loop.

The Age

The Age of Virgo existed approximately between 15,000 – 12,500 BCE and was supposed to be a great period. It was the time of Gaia- the Earth Mother. It was the end of the last Ice Age. This was the time of clay pottery, and the hunting and gathering sort of civilisations started. There was widespread destruction by floods due to the melting of the last part of the Ice age. This was said to be the golden age when people realized their own self.

During the Age of Virgo, female principle slowly was given up. It was also during this age that the last major cataclysm of the world occurred according to astrologers of yore.

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In various civilisations

In Babylonian civilisation, the Virgo constellation was called as "the Furrow". It was located between 1000 BC and 686 BC. The people believed that the constellation resembled a lady with a sheath or ears of grains in her hand, representing the rewards of hard labor or a good harvest. The constellation was also associated with fertility.

The Greeks and Romans considered Virgo as the Goddess of wheat or grains, Demeter. The Romans associated it with their goddess Ceres. For them, Virgo was associated with the Goddess Astraea, symbol of justice, who reigned the earth during the Golden Age of Saturn. It is said, that she resigned to the heavens disgusted by the bad behaviour of human kind and is found holding the Scales of justice, the symbol of the ensuing zodiac, Libra.

In Middle ages Virgo was believed to have been associated with Virgin Mary of Biblical times. In Egyptian mythology, it was the harvest season, when the Sun was in the constellation of Virgo. The Sumerians revered Virgo as Shala an ancient Goddess of grain and compassion. She is depicted as riding two lions and is believed to give a good harvest of grains to the inhabitants of the earth.

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Virgo ManVirgo Woman

Astrologically the nature of this earth sign is said to be cold, unaffectionate, and lacking in sexual desire. For Virgo though at times it is said to be true, it is often a hidden cover for inherent sensuality. The earth signs are supposed to have strong magnetic contact with their partners. Unfortunately many Virgoans are secretly ashamed of their desires and brush them to one side. But as they become old they realize that there is no need to be ashamed of sex as a demonstration of love.

And once it is understood they loosen their inhibitions and come out of the circle and become ardent lovers.They mainly get attracted by the communicative skills of the other sex and that is the point where they fall in love. They get excited by sexy languages like love poems and erotic tales. They are person who look for variety, communication, and earthy action in their marriage relationship but they have to be careful of not to scare away their partners with their constant carping, nagging and desire for verbal exchange.



(August 23 - September 22)
  Symbol : The Virgin
  Ruling planet : Mercury
  Element : Earth
  Ruling House : 6th House
  Body parts : Bowels, Intestines
  Ideal Jobs : Programmer, Accountant, Law, Technig profession
  Gem Stones : Sapphire  
  Trees : Nut bearing trees
  Herbs : Cat's Ear, Crosswort
  Flower : Small & Colorful
  Lucky day : Wednesday
  Colour : Navy Blue, Dark Gray, Brown
  Number : 3 and 5
  Nature : Negative
  Quality : Mutable
  Trait : Conscientionusness
  Keywords : Analytical, Critical, Practical
  Keyphrase : I Analyze
  Metal : Mercury
  Countries : Greece, Turkey, West Indies, Uruguay
  Energy : Yin
  Principle : Discernment
  Cities : Paris, Boston, Heidelberg